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Published on: February 08, 2019

Working for Healthy, Ready, and Resilient Military Communities

What is the Building Healthy Military Communities (BHMC) pilot?

BHMC is a multi-year pilot that aims to better understand unique challenges faced by geographically dispersed Service members and their families that may impact their readiness, resiliency, and well-being.

Background: The Department of Defense (DoD) is committed supporting the health and well-being of Service members and their families. Many Service members live off of installations, creating a unique set of challenges in accessing resources that promote well-being. The DoD is launching the BHMC pilot in response to Senate Report 114-63, which calls a pilot for the "enhancement of recruitment, retention, readiness, and resilience" of the total force.

mapThe BHMC pilot is being conducted in seven pilot states: Oklahoma, Indiana, New Mexico, Minnesota, Mississippi, Maryland and Florida.

Intended Impact: The DoD hopes to better understand resource challenges and develop a comprehensive strategy to support the Chairman's objective of Total Force Fitness (TFF), which is DoD's framework for improving health, readiness, and resiliency of its population through eight domains of fitness (physical, environmental, medical/dental, nutritional, spiritual, psychological, behavioral, and social). The BHMC pilot will inform the TFF Capabilities Based Assessment in evaluating and supporting current programs and services addressing TFF domain areas, identifying any capability gaps, and how the DoD can help meet the gaps.

For additional information, contact Debbie Rich at debbie.c.rich.ctr@mail.mil.