New Mexico Accreditation

New Mexico Services

  • Administration and Management (MIL-AM)
  • Human Resources (MIL-HR)
  • Administrative and Service Environment (MIL-ASE)
  • Customer Rights (MIL-CR)
  • Community Capacity Building Initiatives (MIL-CCB)
  • Emergency Family Assistance (MIL-EFA)
  • Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support (MIL-EFMP)
  • Family Advocacy Program Services (MIL-FAP)
  • Financial Readiness Program (MIL-FR)
  • Military Lifestyle Support and Education (MIL-MLSE)
  • Non-Medical Individual and Family Counseling (MIL-NMC)
  • Volunteer Coordination (MIL-VC)

New Mexico Accredited Status